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Circular Vessel Washing Machine

Product Code: KR-2269005

Product Details

The washing machine is made of stainless steel material 1.4301.

Designed for the washing of tumblers with a max. capacity of 20 pcs/hour, depending on the amount of soil.

The electrically driven door serves both for loading the tumbler and closing the washing machine. The loading area is protected by safety guards with photo cells.

Three time adjustable washing cycles: pre-washing the tumbler inside, main washing and rinsing. The used water from main wash is filtered before return to the tank to prevent rapid water contamination.

Rinsing is done with fresh hot water at 85°C temperature, supplied on site.

The rinse water is fed into the main tank so wash water is constantly refreshed.

The pump is protected by filter and against dry running. The machine complies with the high CE-requirements and EU- and USDA regulations.

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