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Don’t let contamination ruin your reputation!

Dont Let Contamination ruin your Reputation!

Introducing Our Clean Line Eurobin.

Designed with contamination in mind.

Have you considered what happens when you lift and tip a Eurobin into your Cooking Pot?

At Advecto we like to keep the residue from the floor on the floor by leaving behind the base of the Eurobin ensuring that there is no contamination and therefore no product Recall!

Over the years there has been development in the manufacture of Eurobins to avoid Food contamination from excess floor water falling into your produce.

We have an afforadable solution and alternative to our standard 200/300 Litre Eurobins.

Dont Let Contamination ruin your Reputation!

Prevention is better than Product Recall!

To see the Clean Line range please click here.

Are You Looking For Bespoke Stainless Steel Food Equipment?

We design, sell and manufacture a high-quality range of stainless steel catering equipment, as well as offering stainless food production solutions to suit your needs. We also have a list of special offers which are currently available for a limit time only.

Whether you have a particular production challenge you need solving or would like to completely overhaul your processes with a new project scheme, contact our team for experienced, professional and skilled advice. The team can be reached by calling +44 (0)1952 814822 or emailing

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