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Stainless Dual Lane Walk through Sole Scrubbing Hygiene Station with Hand Disinfectant and Turnstile


Product Details

The CLEANCONTROL-SL is a two lane facility with separate entry and exit lane. The entry lane is equipped either with a disinfection tray in the ground for the disinfection of the soles of shoes with a drip grate behind it or a brush module. Additionally, the entry control device EK 400 ensures a tamper-proof two hand disinfection. The exit is controlled by a mechanical turnstile.

The variant with the disinfection tray comes with a time-automated release of the cleaning agent.

The machine is disassembled before delivery to make transportation easier. Siphon, joints and gaskets and small parts are not included.

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Additional Information

Dimensions 2110 × 1800 cm

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