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Stainless Walk through Sole Scrubbing Hygiene Station with Hand Wash, Paper Towel & Waste Bin Dispenser, Disinfectant and Turnstile

Product Code: KF-DLSO-SL + EK400 WR


Product Details
    Our walk-through Sole Scrubbing Hygiene Station with hand wash basin, hand sanitiser and turnstile is designed for optimal cleaning of shoe soles and hands whilst adhering to a high degree of safety by the enforcing the passing of personnel through all hygienic controls.
    The machine consists of a step, sensor operated sink with integrated soap, paper towel dispenser and waste paper basket to ensure optimum hand cleaning leading on to the brushes for soles.
    The brushes are activated by a sensor which will also activate the auto dosing of the machine to make sure optimal cleaning is undertaken of soles. Finally, an EK400 to sanitise your hands, once completed the turnstile is then released.
    The horizontally mounted rotating brushes covered by a fold-out floor grating made of stainless steel ensure the fast cleaning of the soles. The Brushes can be adjusted to run from 1 – 10 seconds.
    The entry control device EK 400 with a tamper-proof two hand disinfection is only activated upon both hands being placed under the sanitiser. Upon completion of this the turnstile will allow entry. Side mounted on the EK 400 is a canister holder for the disinfectant for the hands. A multi-functional LED light simplifies the operation of the unit.
    The sensors are located on the entrance and exit which gives this machine the added benefit of being Bi-directional. Please note the turnstile will only work one way, it will then be released on the way back cleaning soles only.
    Our Sole Scrubbing Hygiene Station machines range from 800mm – 2000mm long and the size you select varies the brush length from 400 – 1600m long. Should this need explaining please see the details on the full specification DLSO-SL + EK400 WR
    The machine is delivered ready for connection.
    This machine can also be used with various other aspects such as boot cleaning.
    We are pleased to be the sole supplier in the UK of these Kohlhoff machines and the quality is superior to other machines offered in the UK market.
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