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Stainless Steel Shelving System

Product Code: KF-ERS

Product Details

The stainless shelving system ERS is design as a modular system and therefore offers multiple possible combinations, combined with a high load capacity and safe stability under load.

Only high-quality 304 grade Stainless Steel is used, ensuring optimum safety and longevity.

The ERS stainless shelving system is easily suited for hygienic food storage in both refrigerated and non-refrigerated environments, as well as in laboratories and for the storage of sterile goods in hospitals and other hygienic applications.

Depending on the design and the choice of the upright, the shelving system is available with a shelf load of 600 kg or 1200 kg. The maximum shelf load can be calculated by the sum of the separate shelf loads per section.

Shelving uprights: The uprights are made of stainless steel sq 25mm tubes with height adjustable feet. End caps are all manufactured in plastic. The uprights are completely electrolytically polished.

The shelves on the stainless shelving system are adjustable in height with a pitch available at 165mm variants. Depending on the height and model, the uprights are stabilised with 2 or 3 traversal flat profiles.

Standard and Perforated Shelves: The shelves are made of aluminium sheets, folded 40mm on all sides. The front side is hygienically crimped to the inner side.

Shelves that are 1200mm or over in length require additional support with a bottom tie in.

Corner Constructions (90°) : In order to attach two shelving systems in a 90° angle, a solid corner is maintained with a rigid plastic attachment unit.

Cross Braces: The cross braces are screwed together with the uprights to guarantee a firm and safe stand of the shelving system. With every third attached shelf an additional cross brace is required.

The dimensions of the cross brace are adapted to suit the particular board or shelf length.

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